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Nemo me impune lacessit

Black Watch Clan was born in 2010. We are a small clan by choice, playing just for pure fun, as well as providing small servers with good atmosphere, which is a priority for us. Those are friendly and tolerant environment to play. Everybody who's nice and well behaving is welcome, no matter their skill or experience. Sounds nice? Visit one of our servers!:)

Where are we

You can find us here on our website, on GameTracker, on Facebook Fanpage and on YouTube Channel.

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Our team is divided into three groups: Clan Members, Admins and Founders.


  • Squir -BW-


  • Altadis -BW-

Clan Members

  • Crunchips -BW-

  • NEo -BW-

  • eM -BW-

First founders

  • Alfisti -BW-

  • scotsman -BW-

Our Servers

We have changed server IP on 1.04.2021.